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Coding Resources

Coding for Pediatrics Errata



Appeal Letter Templates

Increasing Access to Mental Health Care 

Vision screens

Well/Sick Same Day

Payer Appeal Letters for Claims Denial

Bundling 2012 

Cerumen Removal & E/M 

Hearing Screen 

Immunization Administration and Counseling Requirements 

Initial Day NB Coding with Attendance or Resuscitation 

Injection (96372) & E/M 

Newborn Bundling 

Reporting 99211 for PPD Reading 

Template Letter to Carrier Requesting Repayment 

Vision Screen 

Well/Sick Same Day 

Financial and Waiver Information

The Business Case for Pricing New Vaccines

Carrier Takeback Audits

Strategies for Vaccine Payments

Waivers: The Basics for the Pediatric Office

Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN)

Talking Points on Vaccines

Fact Sheets and Worksheets

ADHD Coding

Coding for Pediatric Preventive Care

Developmental screening/testing coding fact sheet for primary care physicians

Substance Use Coding Fact Sheet

Inattention, Behavioral Issues and Aggression Coding Fact Sheet

Coding Calculator

Coding Hotline

AAPC Continuing Education Quizzes


Template for Practices – Preventive Medicine Services Practice Policy

Vaccine Coding Table

FAQ - Pediatric Immunization Administration Codes

AAP Position on Medicare Consultation Policy

Top Ten Underutilized CPT Codes in Pediatrics

Practice Resources

Template Encounter Form: Complex Chronic Care Coordination

Coding Quick Reference for Bright Futures Services


ICD Request Form

Payment and Financing:

2014 RBRVS: What Is It and How Does It Affect Pediatrics?

2014 RBRVS Conversion Spreadsheet

History of Medicare Conversion Factors

Medicaid Physician Fee Schedule Increase from ACA



Coding Webinars

AAP Policy Resources:

AAP coding policy statements

AAP Committee and Section Information:

AAP Committee on Coding and Nomenclature

AAP Section Membership Application (PDF)

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